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In addition to my personal practice as a translator, editor and copywriter, I work closely with a select group of language professionals specializing in English and Dutch texts. Our collaborative ventures are based on shared values of professional quality, personal accountability and creative collaboration. Each of us has a flourishing freelance practice of our own, but if you’re looking for a team of experts to handle a bigger project, we’d be delighted to discuss options. See our joint website at The Language Collective for more details!

Joy Phillips

Services: NL>EN translation, editing, copywriting, Dunglish rescue
Specialized in: climate, environment, tech & innovation, architecture & infrastructure, creative design


Michael Blommaert

Services: NL>EN and EN>NL translation
Specialized in: IT, entertainment, legal, psychology, HR, creative


Kyle Wohlmut

Services: NL>EN translation, DE>EN translation, copy editing
Specialized in: legal translation (litigation, contract law), academic writing, tech industry, culinary, profanity


Laura van Staveren

Services: NL>EN and EN>NL translation
Specialized in: technical, chemical, medical, pharma; technical and practical applications of Dutch and EU regulations


Colby Dunn

Services: NL>EN translation, copywriting, copyediting, transcription
Specialized in: journalism, creative storytelling, public relations, marketing, academic editing


Shiva Jeet Singh

Services: NL>EN and SE>EN translation.
Specialized in: cultural and culinary translations, especially related to tourism and travel in northern Europe, the British Isles and Scandinavia.


Nicole van Overveld

Services: NL copyediting & copywriting, EN>NL and NL>EN translation, online content
Specialized in: financial, marketing & advertising, user experience, corporate identity, non-profit, technical, literary