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This section of the website collects links to my conference presentations over the past few years. If you’d be interested in having me give a talk, workshop or master class on one of these topics or another area of expertise, please feel free to contact me!

bp17, Budapest

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Business in transition

Isolated freelancer to networked translator: most of us are somewhere along this spectrum, and our attempts to master new technologies, find new clients, and understand market trends reflect that process. This trend holds true regardless of language pairs, target markets, or country of residence. Whether you’re hoping to solidify a freelance career, find other translators to partner with, or simply enjoy the company of like-minded linguists, connecting with other professionals offers many benefits. How can we learn from each other to make that transition as painless as possible?

bp16, Prague

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Leveraging bilingual texts for CAT tools
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Import your own translations from the pre-CAT era into memoQ, find better-quality bilingual texts online and process them for use in future translations, and generate better TMs by focusing on the very best source texts and translations.

ProZ 2015 International Conference, Rotterdam

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Work-life balance during illness: a freelance perspective
A collaborative presentation with Ellen Singer on the impact of short-term and long-term illness on working relationships in freelance practice. Communication strategies for colleagues and clients, layered redundancy in back-up plans, home workplace optimization and more. Now with more spoons.

bp15, Zagreb

Failsafe evolution: quality assurance, from manual exclusion to automated comparison
A collaborative presentation with Ellen Singer about ensuring that the QA skills learned before CAT tools became ubiquitous are integrated into current practice, complementing automated QA programs. The focus: ensuring actual quality that satisfies client needs and meets your own standards.